Our Services

Repair Services for Industrial Electronics

Wingate Electronic specializes in a repair service of electronic circuit boards, all kind of industrial electronic equipment, speed controllers (inverters), electronic instruments such as temperature controller, power supplies, servo amplifier, HMI touchscreen and control cards. The company can repair obsolete units thereby avoiding the necessity of replacing entire pieces of equipment. The company currently receives items from all parts of Malaysia and can operate to tight deadlines when necessary. you can always send us a message on our contact form.

Design Services for Electronic Circuit Boards and Systems

Wingate Electronic has been involved in the design of electronic circuit boards and systems for the manufacturing. These projects have ranged from installation of small product systems to complete stand-alone units incorporated into production systems. Design project will usually involve an on-site visit to develop the project scope and generate a quote. Project timelines can be modified to fit in with production schedules thereby minimize machine downtime and optimizing efficiency in the design process.

We have provide all sizes with high-quality electronic circuit board fabrication, assembly and components sourcing services. We can cover from PCB prototyping to full production, part kitting to full turn-key assembly and PCB design instruction to PCB material suggestions.

Installation Services For Electronic Equipment

Wingate Electronic can provide an expert installation service for electronic equipment. There is always a need, in industry, to modify equipment thereby improving efficiency, maximizing output and streamlining production operations. Upgrading equipment can involve integrating and interfacing different pieces of equipment seamlessly. Installation of items from different suppliers and combining units of different ages can be a challenge!

We can offer an expert installation service for these types of scenarios. Upgrading equipment to modernize it can involve replacing or adding sensors, controllers, power supplies and other small instrumentation devices. These types of installation avoid the need for replacing expansive equipment and therefore can often result in a cost-effective solution especially for small to medium sized companies.